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If you want to make that important switch to electronic cigarettes from tobacco then you need to know about starter kits and e liquid that is why we are here to review them.

Cigarettes have been a major part of the financial structure in the United Kingdom for many decades. In recent years, there have been major revelations regarding the harm of smoking tobacco products. As a result, many people have quit smoking cigarettes or refused to take up the habit to begin with. There is still a large segment of society that have been unable to quit smoking cigarettes. Several aids have become available in recent years to help smokers kick the habit for good. One of the most popular is the use of electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes, frequently called e-cigarettes, are similar to regular cigarettes in some regards. The color and shape is identical to a regular cigarette. The person using the e-cigarette ingests the contents through the same inhalation process that is employed in smoking.

Though they appear the same, electronic cigarettes have a small vial inside that has liquefied tobacco. There is a small battery within the product that lights up the tip of it when a person sucks on the end that looks like a filter. A small amount of the liquid is released in a smoke like form that the user is able to inhale through their mouth.

This gives the person a similar feeling to taking a drag off of a cigarette. When they release the product from their lungs, there is no smoke. Though the sensation is not the same, e-cigarettes do not have the same rules and regulations as regular cigarettes.

Many businesses do not allow people to smoke in or around them. This means that a smoker must often have to walk to the edge of a property or even off of it in order to get their nicotine fix. With e-cigarettes, this is not the case. Because it is smoke free, it can be used virtually anywhere.

Another benefit of using e-cigarettes is that it only contains nicotine in the vial. Traditional cigarettes contain tar and many chemicals used in the production process. The tar becomes sticky and adheres to lung tissue when it is inhaled. Additionally, the chemical remnants from processing are lit up and inhaled. These toxic chemicals are dangerous to use even once. Smokers inhale them on a daily basis and are at an increased risk of harm from them.

There are different types of e-cigarettes on the market. Some are disposable, meaning that the vial and the battery can not be replaced. These will provide the smoker with the equivalent of one to two packs of cigarettes. More expensive models can be used repeatedly. The charge to some of these can even be obtained through a USB port on the computer. Though more expensive than their one use counterparts, many believe that the added expense is worth it so that they do not have to continually replace the product.

As smokers become more restricted in where they are allowed to smoke, e-cigarette popularity is certain to continue growing. They are healthier and easier to use.


If you head over to the Cloud Cig website then you’ll see that  they offer a range of starter kits. This choice is great, but how do you decide which one is best for you? A lot of it will come down to cost – they have a starter kit for every budget, but also what you have used before.

If you have used electronic cigarettes before and you know how they work/that you like them then the Starter Pack Pro+ could well be the choice for you. At under £45 it comes full of accessories and definitely gives you value for money compared to how many cigarettes you could usually get for the same amount of money!

You’ll get refills which are the equivalent to 240 cigarettes – you’d probably spend more than £45 on just those cigarettes alone! On top of that you get 2 batteries (charge them both and take them out with you if you’re out all day), a USB charger, a wall charger and a charging case – so you never have to worry about being unable to use your electronic cigarette due to running out of battery. This is a little more of an investment compared to some of the other starter kits ~(their lowest one is under £20) but for what you get, you most definitely get great value for money.

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